The Society follows the Open Membership principle of Cooperative movement. Anybody is became member of the society who meets the basic qualification (Defined by cooperative Act and Society’s Bylaw) to be a member. The members are the Soul of the society.
Basic Qualification to be a member

1. The applicant must be above 18 years and should be capable to make contract.
2. He must be residence in society’s working area since 1 Year.
3. He should not be defaulter of other cooperative.
4. He must be agree to follow the rules & Regulations of Society
5. He should buy minimum 1 Share worth Rs.100 and should pay 5 Rs. As entrance fees.
6. He should not be prosecuted under the Indian Pinal Code for ant offence of immoral aptitude within three years.
7. He should not be declared insolvent.
As on 31st March 2009 we have 7,725 Members. Figures link