The Society has been established in a juncture when the concept of cooperative was something different but time to time the society has placed itself in a such position to adjust in current situation without loosing any principle of cooperation. Looking to the assessment of the society’s various activities including profitability, success, services & accomplishment etc., executive committee wishes to go ahead further & to selflessly keep the objective of serving the members & marching towards progress. However the society had covered all the areas like providing forward and backward linkages for Agriculture, Consumer activity and other allied service sector, there is so many uncultivated areas where society can do lots more. The management is trying to intervene at its best performed level in order to satisfy the member’s requirements up to the level & thus creating a benchmark by appropriate planning. The quest has been started to put actions into words and not only pen them down!!
    • Promoting the latest technology the society planned to connect the entire retail outlet through wireless and provide all transaction of member’s at their doorstep or anywhere in working area.
    • To provide better consumer service and looking towards the global scenario society decided to create brand name KSS in consumer business to compete with giant players like MNC’s. The all grocery and other consumable packed in nice attractive packing and provide it at reasonable rate in modern style.
    •  The private players in this field are adopting unfair trade practices (Mal practice) so the consumer education is the most important need of today. In this regard society is thinking to start consumer education movement.
    • As the whole Gandevi region have a very strong cooperative background, Following the cooperative movement’s one of the important motto “ Cooperation among the cooperatives”, Society is planning to join hand with all primary cooperatives of Gandevi taluka to enjoy the benefit of scale of Economy. ( In some field it is already started)
    • Society is thinking about the seminars regarding professional approach in agriculture for farmers, the Schemes regarding Training and skill development for employee and innovative approach in administration for management.
    • The management is every time trying to find out the smallest needs of member, and trying to fulfill it.