Gujarat and especially south Gujarat was Powerhouse of the Freedom movement of India. At the Outshoot of Dandi March in 1930 by Mahatma Gandhi inspired number of social workers of Gandevi Taluka to take care of villages and local economy. During 5th Decade of 20th Century the Indian freedom movement leaders have felt that the freedom is very nearby so the leaders started to draw a roadmap for developed independent India.
 Leaders know that the true India is living in the villages and ignoring the villagers there is no development is possible. So they concentrate at villages of India. Experiencing that the villagers are suffered with unethical practices of private traders and fast deterioration in the Social, Economical and moral condition of the people they have inspired and motivate the freedom fighters to form cooperative societies to fight against the private traders. 27 freedom fighters from our area with leadership of Late Shree Durlabhjikaka (Who was Deputy Collector in British Government and resigned his post and joined the movement) form our cooperative society namely Amalsad Vibhag Vividh Karyakari Sahakari Mandali Ltd. Amalsad in 1941 and registerd under section 10 of Bombay cooperative Act VII of 1925.  At the time of formation of society there was scarcity of household goods, like grains, clothes, edible oil etc. and it distributed through the fair price shops under control act. The licensee distribution system was full of corruption, to get rid of it cooperative movement came forward and took the responsibility to distribute the control commodities. In In the beginning of this society though there were twenty villages in its area, only Kachholi village was chosen to start a shop to distribute the controlled items from government and looking the successes in 1944 the society started this activity in the all villages. Since then Society has never look back and has always added to its activities to suit the needs of the members. Today the society is providing all needs of our members.

Year wise addition of Activity

1941  Registration of Society
1944  Started Kachholi Retail Shop
1947  Started Amalsad Retail Shop
1948  Started Agriculture Advances
1949  Rebate Scheme for Consumer
1950  Started Savings and Fix Deposit Scheme
1952  Started Consumer Credit
1954  Started Manual abstracting edible oil (By Bullock Mill)
1955  Working criteria of each society is defined by the Coop. Registrar
1955  Started Kotha Retail Shop
1956  Started Ancheli Retail Shop
1956  Started Agriculture Produce Marketing (Mango)
1957  Started Vasan Retail Shop
1957  Started Kolva Retail Shop
1957  Stared Agriculture Produce Marketing (Chiku, Banana, Elephant Fruit)
1958  Head office of Society is shifted to Amalsad from Kachholi
1959  Started floor mill and water pump at Kotha
1959  Started Lusvada Retail Shop
1959  Construct two Godowns at Amalsad
1960  Started Devdha Retail Shop
1960  Started Dhamdachha Retail Shop
1960  Bye a Tractor and Rental Tractor cultivation Service Started
1961  Started floor mill at Devdha
1961  Started floor mill and water pump at Ancheli
1962  Head office Administrative building constructed
1963  Chiku Grading Machine developed by own
1965  Started floor mill at Kolva
1965  Banana Export started
1966  Participate the Delegation of Indian Government visiting Western Europe for Banana Export
1967  For transportation of goods Society bye a motor truck
1968  Construct Godown at Amalsad
1968  Society celebrate Silver Jubilee
1971  Started Sub Retail shop at Kachholi
1971  Started floor mill at Vasan
1973  Bye a one more Tractor for Rental Tractor cultivation Service
1977  Society bye an ambassador Car
1979  Issue Bonus Share to Member
1980  Construct Godown cum Office at Amalsad
1981  Bye a new chiku Grading Machine
1981  Society provide Air compressor for member’s vehicle
1982  Bye a building of Amalsad Retail Shop which was on rental base earlier
1984  Bye a building of Vasan Retail Shop which was on rental base earlier
1985  Trying to Export chiku in Gulf Country
1985  Started Medicine store
1986  Started Mohanpur Retail Shop
1986  Started Ganghor Retail Shop
1989  Started Taliyara Retail Shop
1990  Started weekly Homeopathic clinic
1990  Started floor mill at Taliyara
1990  Started Amalsad Gam Retail Shop
1991  Started Sarikhurad Retail Shop
1991  Started P.D.S. at Mohanpur Retail Shop
1991  Started Bhensla Retail Shop
1991  Started P.D.S. at Ganghor Retail Shop
1991  Started P.D.S. at Taliyara Retail Shop
1991  Important Amendment in Bye law regarding member classification of Society
1992  Golden Jubilee celebrated
1992  Agriculture produces Collection centre building constructed at Amalsad
1992  Started floor mill at Bhensla
1992  Computerization of all activities
1993  Started Fuel pump of BPCL at Amalsad
1994  Started Collection Centre of Agriculture produces at Kachholi
1995  Started to load Special Chiku Rake by Railway
1996  Started P.D.S. at Amalsad Gam Retail Shop
1997  Construct own Two Storied building of Amalsad Gam Retail Shop
1999  Provide Ambulance service to Member
2000  Agriculture produces Collection centre building constructed at Kachholi
2000  Change year ending. (Instead of July - June to April - March)
2003  Started providing fertilizer at Kachholi Collection Centre
2004  Awarded by National cooperative excellence Award 2004 by P.M. Shree Manmohan singhji.
2005  Society introduce uniform and Icard for Employee,
2005  Gujarat State Fruit and vegetable federation Bardoli facilitate society and organize a whole day seminar on          “Agri. Business cooperation- The unfinished Agenda” inviting the experts from various fields.
2005  Shree Kikubhai Naik the only alive Founder member passed away.
2005  Society decided for uniform color of all buildings.
2006  Started Financial transaction At Kachholi Collection Centre
2006  Construct own Two Storied building of Amalsad Station Retail Shop
2006  Construct own building of Ancheli Retail Shop
2006  Started providing subsidy for soil and water analysis.
2007  Awarded by National cooperative excellence Award 2006 by Secretary for Agriculture and cooperation          Mr. K.P.Mishra
2007 Awarded by National productivity council Award 2006 in the category of development in Horticulture          through cooperative sector by the central government agriculture minister for state Shree Dr.Akhilesh          Prasad singh
2008  Both Agriculture collection centers connected with wireless
2008  Computerization at all Retail shops.
2008  Society certified by ISO 9001-2000.
2009  Construct own building of Agriculture produces Collection centre office building and Godown at Kachh