The Society is Society has working criteria of 17 villages in surrounding radius of 6 KM. To provide doorstep service to the farmer society established 17 outlets in each village. Figures link Society provides each and every household requirement of member’s daily grocery requirement. Central purchase system is adopted, as per the indent of the branches and market trend the administration make purchase from market. The sale rate is decided by the Head office and all items are available at the same rate at the all outlet. Competitive rate at best quality material the society captured almost 70% market of the area. In short all basic requirements for human being are provided by the society. Figures link

Sales of Agricultural Inputs
  • Society provides fertilizers, seeds, insecticides, medicines & many other required services to the farmers for development of agricultural land.
  • Supplies fertilizers manufactured by IFCO,KRIBHCO,GNFC & GSFC.
  • The area covered by the society is the cultivated farm area and hence the use of fertilizer is quantity wise less.The society is getting in addition the commission from the manufacturer of  fertilizers which is distributed to the members.
Sales of Other Consumables
  • Building materials like Cement,Cement sheets and Construction steel are also sold by the Society.
  • Society established petrol pump of B.P.C.L. to meet our farmer’s petrol, Diesel and Lubricant requirement.
  • The Society is also providing seasonal item like firecrackers, Kite